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Welcome to Innomed

Innomed Benelux B.V. supplies products and services in niche medical markets. Our mission is to provide customers with practical solutions and excellent service to support continuous innovation in their departments, so that they are and remain able to perform their healthcare services optimally.

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Checkpoint® Nerve Stimulator
Inform intraoperative decision making to help surgeons safely and effectively protect, assess and repair motor nerves during surgeries
EpiFaith® Epidural Syringe
Visual indicator for LOR efficiently ensures a safer procedure in various clinical scenarios
EpiFaith® CV
Advanced auto-aspiration and pressure-detecting mechanism simplify needle control, effectively reducing the risk of arterial catheterization
Vapor-Clean Filters
Prepare any anesthesia machine for patients that are susceptible to the adverse effects of inhaled anesthesia in under 90 seconds.
Insighters Video Laryngoscope
Facilitates intubation while allowing clinicians to share and record real-time high-resolution images and video
KiteLock 4% Catheter Lock Solution
Clinically Proven To Reduce Infections & Occlusions
Hypnoz Jaw Elevation Device (JED®)
An externally-applied, non-invasive device which maintains an open airway during surgery
Accuryn® Monitoring System

Transform the traditional Foley catheter into a next-generation sensor for real-time measurement of UO, IAP, and temp

BARM™ Brain Anaesthesia Response Monitor
BARM™ reliably quantifies and continuously monitors a patient’s anaesthetic state.
LUCID™ M1 Transcranial Doppler (TCD)
Accurately measure the flow of blood in the brain


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