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LuerSafe Automatic Clamps

Maintain a closed system upon disconnection negating the need for clampsReduce the risk of infection and air embolism

Colour-Coded Lumens

Allow for clearer identification of linesProvide safe delivery of photosensitive drugsReduce the risk of maladministration due to misidentification of the lines

Multi-Tube Technology

Creates perfectly round lumensProvides superior flow ratesAllows for multiple lumens without compromise to flow or catheter size

High Pressure Line

A dedicated high pressure line for the safe delivery of contrast mediaReduces the risk of catheter ruptureReduces the need for additional cannulations

ProActiv+ Advanced PHMB Polyhexanide Antimicrobial Bonding

A non-eluting, covalently bonded antimicrobial that will protect your patient for the duration of the therapy*Reduces the risk of anaphylactic shock due to no presence of ChlorhexidineCovalent bonding ensures no systemic release into the bloodstream

*Up to 30 days


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