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Hypnoz Therapeutic Devices, Inc

Hypnoz Therapeutic Devices, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company headquartered in San Diego, CA. We are passionate about designing, creating, and manufacturing devices that improve patient safety. Our patented flagship product, the Jaw Elevation Device (JED®), assists the provider in maintaining a patient’s airway by mechanically providing jaw thrust. Once applied, the JED® holds a patient’s airway open and allows an anesthesia provider to safely administer sedation or anesthesia without having to instrument the airway. This increases both safety for the patient and convenience for the anesthesia provider. Hypnoz believes that the JED® offers a “hands-free” solution that will become the new standard of care for patient airway safety.

Hypnoz was co-founded by April King, MSN, CRNA and Adrian Pelkus in 2007. The JED® was co-invented by April King, MSN, CRNA , Adrian Pelkus, Dr. William Mazzei and Dr. Warren G. Young.


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