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VectraPlex ECG with CEB


VectraplexECG provides a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, CEB®, technology to detect ECG changes suggestive of an ischemic Injury.
Providing a powerful diagnostic test right in your ECG machine.

VectraplexECG can derive a 12 to 15-lead ECG report with just 5-electrodes.

The Cardiac Electrical Biomarker

The CEB® is our smartest ECG technology! It can detect ECG changes suggestive of a heart attack. Simply, it is a color coded index number that measures the degree of di-polarity of the cardiac electrical field. The cardiac electrical field of a healthy patient is primarily di-polar, while occurrence of myocardial injury leads to the appearance of a multi polar cardiac electrical field2. A CEB® greater than 94 indicates an abnormal condition and further clinical assessment is necessary.


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